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T-75 pump impeller problems

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T-75 pump impeller problems


Hello All,
Recently the impeller on our T-75 became seized due to a large amount of fiber buildup behind the impeller plate.  When we engaged the electric clutch to start spraying the engine would die due to the load. We tried increasing the RPM's a bit which just resulted in the clutch squealing and I immediately shut the machine off.  We removed the impeller outer adjustment plate and with the engine off and the clutch disengaged tried to turn the impeller and it wouldn't move.  We then tried to turn the shaft between the clutch and the impeller with a 24" pipe wrench and could barely make it budge.  We just barely noticed a buildup of mulch sticking out from BEHIND the impeller and we had to remove the impeller to remove this buildup of fiber mulch (which was very hard and dry).  This is our backup machine and has less then 200 hours on it.  It has never had any problems before this. We do not mix our slurry overly thick (we only mix 200 lbs. of hydromulch per load) preferring instead to lay it on thicker with a 2nd or 3rd coating.  Does anyone have any ideas what might have caused this problem?  There doesn't appear to be any adjustment for the clearance behind the impeller and the pump cover. Other than mixing too thick a slurry (which we don't do) I'm at a loss here.  We have a T-90 with over 3000 hours on it and this has never happened.  Any ideas out there?

If you are using alot of tackifier and can cause the fiber to stick behind the impeller

Thanks Ralph.
Well, yes.... THAT we may be guilty of!!!
The only thing I would add is that we use this same "high tack" mix with the T-90 and never had a problem.  It is the same style and size pump on both units, I believe. Hopefully it won't happen again anytime soon as it was a pain to deal with in the middle of a large job.   


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