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Looking for T330 Pump

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Looking for T330 Pump


Canadian Hydroseed:
I'm looking to purchase a rebuilt or good used pump for a Finn T-330 please.  Anywhere in Canada or US.  Photos and a description of the pump history, condition, nature of the rebuild, etc, would be helpful.


Why can't you rebuild yours

Canadian Hydroseed:
I don't own a Finn.  Only a Turfmaker 1000. Don't laugh; Im wanting to marry a T-330 pump and John Deere engine for a specific one-time project in Spring 2021 using my TM 1000. The new configuration will be used for pumping only.  I'll keep the existing Koehler on the TM 1000 for agitation and install a new 5" bulkhead fitting on the tank, and tie into the existing bypass plumbing.

Finn Guy:
Interesting project you had talked about- how did you make out?


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