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T60 or T75, Please HELP!

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T60 or T75, Please HELP!


Hello Hydroseders!

I am new to the forum and hydroseeding. I looking for some help and opinions from Finn owners. I am buying a hydroseeder in a month or so for the spring. I am located in Ontario Canada and deal with 4 seasons of weather. I live in an area with water all around us and likely will carry a 2" trash pump and fire hose. There will be the odd jobs in a city away from a water source where I will have to use a city fill up. My jobs will likely range from 1 acre to 3000 ft2. The Finn dealership near me has 3 used T60s and a brand new T75. They have a lease to own option on the T75 which has great tax benefits in Canada oppose to expensing depreciation off a used machine (write off more of the new vs used). However the used T60 is literally half the price. Has anyone owned both machines? What are pros and cons for each? With the size of my jobs would I be happier with a T75 and less filling? I am doing this on my 3 days off a week as a side job there for if I am filling less I think that could be more beneficial.

T75 and less filling or used T60 for half the price?

Any help is very much appreciated!

Cody from CANADA

I am not a Finn owner but have been around this industry for 3 decades.   Finn makes excellent machines.  I am sure you will be happy whichever way you go.  Starting in, if it were me, I would go with one of the used T-60's.  Half the price is nice and if you went with the T-75 you are only going to be able to do 25% more on each load which isn't a big deal.  I am sure there will be times when you run out with 100 sq. ft. left to do and will kick yourself for not going for the T75 but all in all it will tow easier, load faster and the percent of your costs related to equipment will be less.   I am sure some Finn owners will be along to give you their thoughts. 

Turboguy- Thank you for the reply! I am going tomorrow to pick it out actually. I have decided to go with the T60.

That seems like a good move to me.   Hope it works well for you.

The only difference between the 2 machines is the size of the tank


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