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Need your steel t170 or 2017 stainless t170 super

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Need your steel t170 or 2017 stainless t170 super


I?ve got to make a decision and quickly. The used 2017 t170 has 500 hours, stainless tank and agitators and is the super model (125hp).  Or do I buy a new t170 in steel.  Everything else is the same, as far as I know.  Both have Remote, hose reel with 1 1/4?, ground controls and air flush.

Yes I understand new has 2 years warranty.

Let me know what you think.  FYI...This will be mounted to tandem roll off.

It is hard to answer your question, not knowing how your business works , but i have an opinion based on how what we do. I do not know the price difference between to two machines you are considering , so i will assume the used one was well taken care of. I would favor a stainless steel tank machine especially if it also happens to be a super. You mentioned it will be set up for roll-off. Are you planning to weld anything near the tank , because doing that may ruin the coal tar coating in the new steel tank. The stainless tank has no coating in it. How often will you flush the tank? If you are not planning to flush every day , go with stainless. Then -the warranty. The warranty on a hydroseeder is useless to me because of the following reasons. It pays for defective parts and covers the labor , but it has to go back to the dealer who then has to fix it . Unless you have other machines to use , how long can you put off your jobs? I have had hydroseeders since the mid 80s and have never had an issue that required a warranty claim. Hydroseeders are like no other machines. They are extremely simple , but when they break you cant rent one like you could a dozer or loader , so maintenance and up time is important.
Here is a history of what i have done. In 1985 we were using a 500 gallon Bowie that a friend owned. It was was as basic as they come , no tower no hose reel  but it worked for us. In 1992 i bought a new Finn t-90 with all the options. I almost never flushed out and within a few years it showed.  It was taken apart , sandblasted and rebuilt once or twice. in 2011 we bought a 1999 T-330 on a 1999  truck for $65,000. The seeder was ok ,but it had gremlins . We had a few big contracts  , no shop to work in ,maintenance was difficult , but kept up. In 2013 we dug the pond and built the shop. The pond gives us a nice water source for jobs that have no water nearby and gives us a place to flush and clean the tank and lines every day. In 2014 we completely rebuilt the 330 including new engine , clump , lines ,relocated the tower ,sandblast and recoat...every moving part for $35000. Even now , 6 years later people think we have a new machine. Last year we put it on a brand new truck. Right now we are rebuilding a t-120 to mount to our Prinoth t-8 track hauler. We were going to buy a new t-120 for $67000 but found a decent one at auction for $17,000. The engine and clump only have 1200 hours so we replaced seals .starter, alternator, radiator and other wear parts ,so that should be good. The rest of the machine is being sandblasted , recoated with coal tar inside and epoxy on the outside. Most other parts are being replaced.We will have about $26000 into it when done. We made all new railings that fold down so the hauler and seeder can be trailered at legal height . We welded special skids so it could be winched onto the hauler like an oilfield setup. We extended the deck so it could carry more material and did other improvements to our liking. We still would have, had to make these changes to a brand new machine .

HSandG, Thanks for your inputs and sharing your experiences.  The used stainless unit is coming from a Finn dealer. Both units are pretty close in price at ~$110k Canadian.  I?m planing on building a Rolloff skid that matches the bolt down pattern and hoping not to have to do any welding to either tank.


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