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T120 parts

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T120 parts


Hi guys,

Hope someone could help me out here. Been over a month of trying to contact by sending emails to the Finn's parts department but seems to get no response. Is Finn still in operations or are they closed for some reason? Looking to get some parts for my hydroseeder. Hope someone from Finn or anyone who have any contacts could assist. Thank you.

Bowie Man:
Not a Finn guy but have you reached out to your local dealer.  You can find a list of dealers on The Finn website

I would agree with Ed (Bowie Man) that you probably need to get the parts through your local Finn Dealer.  I don't think they typically sell parts direct.  Sorry you have had those issues but hopefully you can get squared away soon.

I dont know where you are but I sell finn parts. if your dealer wont respond try 800-229-8707 finn parts


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