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New Finn T-60 Questions

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New Finn T-60 Questions


Hey everyone,

I?m new to the forum and just purchased a used Finn T-60. I?m in Ohio and am located roughly 45 minutes away from a Finn dealer. I purchased it in Maryland and got it back home. It?s a skid model.
I have a few questions regarding if anyone had a manual for it so I could make sure I knew all service, grease fittings, ect.

Also, any recommendations to start with? We have started the machine and ran the agitator, ect. We also sprayed water out of it and it seemed very strong. But before I used it on a job site the first time is there anything you would recommend I do prior?

It sounds like the T-60 is in good shape and ready to go.  One of our frequent posters is a Finn Rep and another who has worked of a Finn Dealer in New England.  One of them may see this and be more helpful than I can be.   It doesn't sound like you have any issues with the unit.  My thought without knowing much about those is there is an automatic greaser for the pump clutch (I think) that you might want to check.  Otherwise if everything is running well like it sounds you should be good to go.

If i knew the serial # of the machine I could e mail you a manual. It sounds like you have tried the basics and it all works so it should be ready to use


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