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Mixture for finn t60
« on: Wed May 04, 2022, 08:56:07 AM »
What is a good recipe for a t60 4 bales 70wood/30paper 50# seed 50# fertilizer I was told 4-1-1for Finn t60 can you add more mulch and is that enough seed and fertilizer. Thinking the mix is light any suggestions  or am I right where I need to be

Thanks in advance

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Re: Mixture for finn t60
« Reply #1 on: Wed May 04, 2022, 10:17:51 AM »
If the mixture seems thin to you the recommended amount of mulch for that unit is 200 to 250 pounds.    So you could run up to one more bale and be withing Finn's guidelines.   If I were doing it I would probably add a half bale ((4 1/2 bales total) and see how that worked and then if it goes well the next load try the maximum of 5 bales.  If you see material left in the bottom of the tank or have low spray power you have too much mulch in the load.  Keep in mind too that when you shoot your first load you have material left in the hoses and plumbing so loads after the first load (assuming you cleaned out the machine the last time you used it) will have about a half bale in before you add material. 

It is hard to give you an exact answer on seed and fertilizer without knowing more.   If you are seeding a straight bluegrass that is probably ok.   If you are using a mix with ryegrass or fescue I would go heavier.   Your coverage at 1500 pounds per acre would average 7700 sq. ft.  That is about 6.5 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. which is probably in line with the seed company recommendations.  I am using a 400 gallon paddle machine and use 50 pounds in my mix and that covers about 5400 sq. ft. per load.  I like to go heavy on seed even as expensive as seed is this year.  My seed is about 25% bluegrass, 25% creeping red fescue and 50% perennial rye. 

As for fertilizer that may be ok.  I always tell people to look at the coverage listed on the bag.  If the bag says it covers 15,000 sq. ft and your machine does 7700 I would suggest half a bag.  if the bag says it covers 7500 sq. ft. then I would use one bag.  I am using a 16-45-7 water soluble and use about 1/3 bag. The bag says 1-2 pounds per 1000 sq. ft.  Hope that helps.
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