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Homemade hydroseeder questions
« on: Mon May 09, 2022, 04:04:59 PM »
Hi all , long time lurker here and finally joined up.

question i have here is ive decided to build my own unit to do some small odd jobs for myself and family.  I have lots of equipment, tanks ,motors etc so figured why not.  if it works out great if not no big deal.  let me know if this sounds adequate to u or anything to change feel free to let me know.

1 ..i have 2 -3 inch trash pumps and also a 2 inch ..all are probaly china versions as i dont reconize the name on them but the 3 inchers are 12hp and the 2 is a 8hp. thinking of using both 3 inch pumps.

2 i will be running a 500 gallon poly tank with anywhere from 2 to 4  1 -1/2  inch teejet educator nozzles for agitation if those nozzles are good for this.

3 is the best thing for me to do as i have the  xtra equipment is use just one pump for spraying and let the other pump be striktly for agitation or ??? ? and for my plumbing is it best on the agitation to just go from the 3 inch outlet right away  and reduce to 1 1/2  quick disconnects to the tank  or keep it 3 inch until i get to the jets bulkhead and reduce it there. same goes for spray hose ..just go 3" off outlet right away to reduce to inch and half spray line ?

plumbing is my main concern as im not sure what size of fittings and pipe i should be keeping  the whole time to connect all this  is it best to keep it all 3 inch until im at my tank and then reduce it for my spray hose and or jets or reduce it halfway to then my inch and a half lines ?? i hope this makes sense cuz it sounds better in my head but then i read what ive written and it comes across as nonsense lol .. and suggestions or critisism feel feel ..thanks

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Re: Homemade hydroseeder questions
« Reply #1 on: Mon May 09, 2022, 10:13:51 PM »
Thanks for joining and for the questions.  Lots of people have built their own hydroseeders.  Some have worked reasonably well, and some were a total failure.  From what you are talking about I think the chances are it should work ok. 

The 500 gallon tank should work ok.  I have seen some people use totes which doesn't have much chance of working.  I am assuming your tank is round or oval. 

The Chinese pumps should work fine.  I would suggest using the 3" pumps not the 2" one.  Using one pump to mix and one to spray should not be a problem.  I would probably incorporate a bypass on the pump you are spraying with.  That would just be a hose going back to the tank with a ball valve so you can shut off or feather the flow.  That way if you stop spraying the material in the tank has someplace to go so the pump doesn't overheat.  I would not consider this a necessity but for the few bucks it would cost it's probably worth doing.

As for the agitation, (4) 1 1/2" jets might be too many.  I would go 2 or 3.  Actaully if I were doing it I would probably go (2) 2" jets.   You can try the educator nozzles.  I am not a fan personally.  We tried them back 20 years ago and for us they caused a lot of clogging issues.   There is one manufacturer who uses them but I have heard comments about their plugging a lot and not mixing well but others seem to not have issues.  Try them if you want and you can always take them out if you have issues. 

I would keep the plumbing to be 3 inch as long as you can.  That is going to give you the most power.  Feel free to ask any other questions.  We are here to help.
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