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2002 Easy Lawn L65
« on: Fri June 03, 2022, 08:04:16 PM »
New to the forum and to hydroseeding. I purchased a 2002 L65 Easy Lawn hydroseeder in February this year that had been sitting in a barn since 2008. It only had 511 hours on it. I cleaned it up, replaced the tires, fuel line, battery, and cleaned out the fuel tank. Changed the oil and filter, and air filter. I felt I had a real gem. I started the process of learning how to use it and formulate the right mixture. This past Monday I was on a job with a helper and the pressure dropped on the hose and the engine made a noise so I yelled to the helper to cut the engine off. When I walked up to the machine, oil was every where. An oil cooler hose had come off. I checked the oil and there was still some showing so we added until it was full, reinstalled the oil hose and it started right up. I thought, boy, I sure dogged a bullet with that one. Five minutes later the engine blew to pieces. There is not a replacement engine to be found anywhere. The engine is a Briggs Model 380447, Type 0077-E1, and Code 00012511. There are replacements but none available anywhere. I have found a way out. I can buy a Duromax 35 HP engine, remove the crankshaft, have it machined to the specs of the Briggs, re-install it and hopefully be back in business with a more powerful machine. I emailed Finn who now apparently owns the former company and also emailed the pump manufacturer and asked if the pump would holdup to a 35 HP engine. Neither has responded. Any recommendations on this problem? Thanks in advance.

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Re: 2002 Easy Lawn L65
« Reply #1 on: Tue June 07, 2022, 01:10:44 PM »
Welcome to the forum Randal and thank for the question.  When I first read your post, I was a little confused when you talked about oil cooler hose since that made it seem like it was a paddle machine with hydraulics but the L65 is a jet machine.  I am assuming the oil cooler hose was for the engine and I am not that familiar with Briggs engines and particularly that engine. 

To answer your question, I would not expect any problems from powering that unit with a Duromax 35 H.P. engine as far as the increased H.P.  That is a centrifugal pump and the power driving it should be unimportant.  Only the RPM would matter and that should be around the same. 

Let me make a minor correction in what you said.  It isn't exactly correct that Finn bought Easy Lawn/Epic.  It is more a case that the holding company that owns Finn bought Easy Lawn/Epic.  They also bought Apex which is now built in the Easy Lawn factory.   The new company is ECPC which stands for Erosion Control Products Company or something close to that.   You should be able to call them at 800-638-1769.  You may or may not need to be a little persistent.  I know for a while they were hard to reach but I think it may be better now.  I am not sure who you called on pumps but I believe their pumps are made by Barnes but all parts and service are probably through Easy Lawn.

You might try giving them a call.  Engines are really tough to get this year, but they may have some suggestions for you.  We are happy to help anyway we can so feel free to ask anything more and we will help as much as we can.  Good luck with your project.
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