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Price for used Finn T-30?


Author Topic: Price for used Finn T-30?  (Read 1696 times)

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Price for used Finn T-30?
« on: Thu September 05, 2019, 09:40:53 AM »
I own a small landscape company and am considering entering into the realm of hydro seeding.

I have the opportunity to buy a well used, 1998, Finn T-30.

Not knowing much about the machine, except that it was supposedly well maintained, what do you guys think is a fair price to pay for this unit?

Are there any warning signs or areas of concern with a machine of this age I should look out for?

Thanks for your time,

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Re: Price for used Finn T-30?
« Reply #1 on: Thu September 05, 2019, 03:16:45 PM »
Guess that will do about 1200 sq ft per tank roughly.  If the price is right doesn't really matter whats wrong with it.  You will be filling that up often for large jobs.  For acre and above jobs maybe a t-90 may suit you better.  But if doing less than 1k repair jobs from say a boring company messing up a residential lawn it will work just fine.  Most systems are relatively easy to operate and fix.  Most parts online or local tractor supply or rural king.

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Re: Price for used Finn T-30?
« Reply #2 on: Thu September 05, 2019, 05:00:14 PM »
The Finn T-30 is a pretty decent unit and a nice one to start in with.  You may find down the road you want something bigger but you can do about any size job with that just really big jobs will be a bit slower.   It also lets you target smaller jobs which some of the guys with big units don't want to do and they can be very profitable.   Good luck should you do it. 

Well it is hard without seeing a machine to say what it is worth.  I believe a new T-30 goes for about 12K +/- a bit.  Probably at the time that one was made it was about $ 10,500 -  $ 11,000.00   I would say about 6K would be ok assuming it is in good operating condition.   If they were asking 8K I would pass and if they were much under 5K I would probably jump on it if I were you. 
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Re: Price for used Finn T-30?
« Reply #3 on: Sat September 07, 2019, 07:36:18 PM »
Thanks for the reply.

I think the current MSRP is about $14,000 at the plant. Adding shipping to Colorado makes it closer to 15K plus tax. This is obviously for a new machine but according to FINN, nothing has changed since this was produced, almost 20 years ago.

Our company sees demand for smaller projects, 1/4 acre or so, and as such this size seems to be a descent fit for now. I a little nervous paying top dollar for an older machine, but it appears that this unit is quite reputable.

Thanks for the help.


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Re: Price for used Finn T-30?
« Reply #4 on: Thu January 16, 2020, 07:27:21 AM »
Sorry about the long delay Ed, I hope you were able to find what you needed.  There have been minor changes to the T30 over the years, and if you did indeed buy that used machine you'll be okay for a while but parts may become difficult to obtain due to the age.  We've changed engines once or twice in the past 22 years, and you may have difficulties if you need clutch components or pump piping, but beyond that you should be able to work with the machine doing larger jobs than what was posted earlier, depending on the work you do.  A T30 will cover about 2000 square feet per tank when doing the one-step method, and it will cover about 10k square feet when tacking straw.  Contact me for clarification of square footage capabilities, different methods and what i would suggest in the tank.
Ron Ciolfi
Finn Corporation


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