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New to business, Hydroseeder build
« on: Sat June 20, 2020, 09:09:45 AM »
Hi everyone, glad to be apart of these forums as there looks to be tons of information on them. I'm sure these questions have been asked over and over again but I have a few that I couldn't really find the answer to. Just started into business within the past few months, right now I rent a hydroseeder but I want to build one, the reason is I have two 1000 gallon elliptical tanks , two 3 inch pumps and a lot of metal lol. I recently purchased a F700 flatbed to throw a tank on the back of, still working on getting it ready to work but dont have much left to do. Is it to much to run jet agitation and mechanical agitation into a tank? I would run the jet agitation off of one pump and use the other pump for the sprayer. Is 3 inch to much for a few jet agitions? Would probably run 2 jets in left and right side bottoms of tank for total of 4. I have a old 5 hp motor that I could setup to run a mechanical agitation with a chain or belt if needed. Or if I could message someone and flood with questions that'd be awesome too. Thanks!

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Re: New to business, Hydroseeder build
« Reply #1 on: Sun June 21, 2020, 06:35:29 AM »
Hello TurfWorx and welcome to the IAHP hydroseeding forum.   I will try and answer a few of your questions.  Your first question was is a 3 inch pump too much for a 1000 gallon hydroseeder.  Well, it isn't too much, it is not enough.  A 3" pump puts out about 330 GPM.  On our units the larger the unit the larger the pump we use.  On our 50, 100 and 150 gallon units we use a 2" pump.  On our 300, 400 & 500 we use a 3" or a 4" pump.  The 4 inch pump puts out 640 or 720 GPM.  On our 750 & 1000 gallon we only use the 4 inch pump and I prefer the 720 GPM pump on the 1000 gallon unit.

I would suggest using both 3" pumps for agitation and set it up so when you are first mixing you use both pumps and when you are spraying one is strictly mixing and the other is spraying.  It takes more power and flow to mix the material in the beginning than it does to keep it mixed up so that should work fine.

It isn't easy to convert a poly tank to a mechanical (paddle) agitation but I have seen a few people do it successfully.  The first one I saw was set up much like you are talking about.  He mounted a small engine on the back of the unit and used a chain drive to drive the paddles. The last one I saw was a 1992 1000 gallon Turbo Turf that the contractor had set up a hydraulic drive to power the paddles.

Hopefully you can find someone to help with your project.  I am ok with some questions but don't know that I have time to handle a "flood" of questions.  Good luck with your project. 
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