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Questions on epic c120 pump
« on: Sat October 31, 2020, 12:35:59 PM »
Hello guys,

New to the forum here and tired to look up but didn't find my exact question so I apologize if this has been asked.   I am finally upgrading my old trusty bowie 1100 Victor.   It has been solid overall but I need to spend money and a new used seeder is how I want to spend it.   I have ran finn for years and bowie but wanted an easy lawn c95 with hydraulic controls and stainless tank and shredder box.   Well after finding about 5 machines and not one person returning a phone call or email after 2 months I stumbled across a great deal on a 2017 epic c120 with 500 hours.   The only concern is alot of people complain about issues with their epic and no company support.   Is that company support issue solved now since the buyout is complete?  Also, I see complaints about the gear pumps.   Isn't is actually a bowie gear pump?  Does anymore know what the pump issues are? Is it the gears need to be converted to stainless steel?

Thank you guys!

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Re: Questions on epic c120 pump
« Reply #1 on: Mon November 02, 2020, 08:50:26 AM »
I have not heard anything lately one way or the other as far as if their customer support issues have been fixed.  I know there were a lot of unhappy people during the summer and early fall.  I do feel pretty strongly that these issue will get resolved.

For those who don't know let me go into more detail.  There has been a lot of consolidation in the industry.   One the mulch side Profile bought Central Fiber a year or two ago and HydroStraw this year.  Phoenix paper was bought by LSC.   On the machine side the holding company that owns Finn bought out EasyLawn/Epic and more recently bought out Apex.  Apex production is being moved to the Easy Lawn plant in Delaware.  During the transition we were getting tons of calls from EasyLawn/Epic owners who were frustrated with trying to contact the company for parts or service particularly.  A typical call might go something like "I have been trying to call them for weeks and left messages a half dozen times and no one returns my calls.  I really need some part desperately"  I do think these issues were temporary.  I do think this was a transition issue and that they will end up being run like a well oiled machine.  I have not heard is the issue is resolved yet since things are slowing down for the year. 

As for the pump issue you asked about the last I heard the gear pumps Epic was using were Bowie and you might want to call Ed Dugan who is one of the best and most helpful guys you can find and is the Bowie rep in the North East.  His phone number is 908-231-0987.   I have not heard of what the pump issues were with Epic but Ed may know.  Typically the rubber gears are the better choice.  Also the IAHP will be holding an online seminar on pump servicing soon and most of the pumps used will be covered.  It might be a good session for you to attend.   One other comment, I do think in general the Epic machines were a bit better than the Easy Lawn ones so once your issues get resolved you should be quite happy with your purchase.
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Re: Questions on epic c120 pump
« Reply #2 on: Fri November 06, 2020, 02:26:17 PM »
If interested in a hydraulic machine, Bowie now offers an hydraulic option for its machines.  In particular the Bowie 1100 has kept all its best features, multiple agitator shafts and shredder box  It now offers reversible hydraulic driven shafts and a reversible hydraulic driven 3" Bowie gear pump
A video of the unit can be found on my Youtube channel

Good luck
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