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End Users

Homeowners, construction companies and anyone needing hydroseeding. Visit our sister site at HydroSeeding Experts for the largest list of hydroseeding contractors in the world. Have questions about hydroseeding? Visit our Forum and get your questions answered by the experts.

HydroSeeding End Users / Customers / Home Owners


No matter whether you are a homeowner looking to have work done on your lawn, a construction company looking to have a large project seeded, or a government agency with a seeding or erosion control project the International Association of HydroSeeding Professionals can help you.

    1. The IAHP can help you find an experienced contractor. Our sister site has the world’s largest list of highly qualified professional HydroSeeding contractors. It is easy to find an experienced local contractor.


    1. Want to learn more about HydroSeeding and if it is right for your application? We have a great variety of information about HydroSeeding on ourAbout HydroSeeding page and on the HydroSeeding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. You will find answers to just about all of your questions.


  1. Visit our Discussion Forum and ask any questions you want about HydroSeeding. You can get information about HydroSeeding and also get answers to your questions from some of the most experienced HydroSeeding contractors around. Our forum members are friendly, helpful and there is no such thing as a dumb question on our forum. We are all there to help you.


Whatever your project is the IAHP are here to help you. HydroSeeding is a great answer to almost any project where vegetation is required. HydroSeeding has many advantages and applications such as:

    • New commercial or residential construction


    • Repairs of lawns due to sewer or utility line installation


    • Installing part of a new lawn


    • Lawn repair


    • Erosion control for hillsides


    • Stabilizing banks alongside a retention pond


    • Roadside work


  • Stream bank stabilization