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Vision Statement

International Association of HydroSeeding ProfessionalsInternational Association of Hydroseeding Professionals

To lead the HydroSeeding Industry by being the single best source of education for seeding contractors, the industry and the public.

To unify and unite the industry and provide a medium for fellowship, business growth, education, and for promoting an awareness of our industry among any interested parties.

To provide knowledge, service and help without bias to those with an interest in our industry.

Code of Ethics

Every member of the International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals must acknowledge and abide by this firm Code of Ethics. This Code has been established to serve a dual purpose: To assure the customer of professional workmanship and protect the principles of the Association. The Board of Directors has determined that every member must conduct their business under these Regulations.

Workmanship must be of the highest standards and must be under expert supervision at all times.

Quality of all seed, mulch, fertilizers and all other recommended products must be reputable and of the highest of quality.

The individual contractor is expected to fulfill the contract in a timely fashion and to the satisfaction of the client.

Every member of the Association shall operate their business with the integrity to perform their responsibilities to the best of their abilities and provide the maximum value for services rendered.

Officers & Directors


Alexander Szigedi,
Chris Thomson, Maritime Hydroseed
Ed Dugan, N.E. Bowie Sales
Ron Ciolfe, Finn Corp
Pete Simmons Applegate Mulch
Ray Badger, Turbo Technologies


Kevin Huber, Challenger Hydroseeding, President
Steven Davidson, Earth Groomers, Vice President
Stephan Serafin, Quality Landscapes, Secretary
Barry Cook, NorthWest HydroMulchers, Treasurer