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Certification Overview

Online - Certified HydroSeeding Professional Program

The Certified Hydroseeding Professional Program is designed to recognize that the individual exhibits an understanding and knowledge of the accepted practices used in the hydroseeding industry. To become certified, the individual must meet a combined point system which includes education, field experience and professional training and be a current member of the IAHP in good standing.  Demonstration of proof of Eligibility Points allows the individual to take the final step toward certification, a comprehensive exam testing practical and field knowledge of the hydroseeding industry. The required instruction is spread over five disciplines:

  • Basic Hydroseeding
  • Business Operations
  • Soil and Fertility Basics
  • Turfgrass Science
  • Erosion Control

To qualify for the exam the applicant must meet the following:
Certification Eligibility Points:
The Process is based on a 20 point system.  You need to have 20 points total from any of the below areas:

  • Years of Experience in the hydroseeding field - 1 point for every year of service
  • CHP Seminars - credits as accumulated
  • Formal Education - Degree in an allied field – Up to 10 points
  • Green Industry Education - 1pt for each hour of approved Green Industry education up to 5 points
  • IAHP membership - 1 point for every year as a paid member
  • IAHP Service - 1 point for every year of service as a board member or other participating service
  • Professional reference - 1 point for a letter of recommendation from another Certified Applicator or Industry professional - Up to 2 points
  • Manufacturer Credit -  3 points for certification from a dealer or manufacturer stating that you have been trained in the proper operation and maintenance of your unit

To apply for the Certified Hydroseeding Professional exam:

  • Complete the downloadable CHP exam application at
  • Include the required payment information.  The required fee for each exam attempt is $50.00 USD.  VISA and Mastercard are accepted.
  • Assemble the required documentation.  Documentation verifying a total of 20 points from the above schedule must be submitted with the exam application. 
  • Scan the entire application package and attach it to an email.  Email the file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Electronic submission is required to have the application reviewed and approved.
  • The application package will be approved or returned within thirty (30) business days.  Approved applicants will receive a link to the CHP exam via email.  Rejected or incomplete applications will be returned.  No refunds will be issued.

If you would like to pay the $ 50.00 fee for the exam using our safe online payment system CLICK HERE

Upon receiving a grade of 75% or more on the certification exam, a certificate will be issued to successful candidates acknowledging certification as a Certified Hydroseeding Professional.

Certification will remain current for two years.  A continuing education requirement of six (6) education credits biannually and a current IAHP membership in good standing through the end of the certification program is necessary to maintain current certification status.  CHP exam applicants will be required to extend their IAHP memberships through the end of their certification period.  

IAHP membership renewals and the submission of supporting documents verifying that the required six (6) continuing education credits have been obtained must be submitted prior to the end of the certification period biannually, which is December 31.  


Those who do not renew their IAHP membership and / or do not obtain the required six (6) continuing education credits biannually will be removed from the Certified Hydroseeding Professionals list until the membership is paid and the certification requirements are fulfilled.  


Those who have not renewed their membership and /or have not obtained the required six (6) continuing education credits biannually will have six (6) months from certification expiry to meet the requirements before he/she is required to re-take the CHP Exam and pay the $50.00 fee.

The IAHP offers its online Certified Hydroseeding Professional (CHP) seminars from November through March. Each one-hour seminar is $20 for members and $30 for non-members. Register now at  

Seminars are offered on a variety of topics including:

  • Basic Hydroseeding
  • Business Operations
  • Soil and Fertility Basics
  • Turfgrass Science
  •  Erosion Control

CHP seminars are available online. Participants require only internet access and a phone. For more information or to register contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 412-241-2340. Seminars can be taken online in the convenience of your home. A detailed class schedule will be posted here 2-4 weeks in advance of the first seminar.

Because the IAHP recognizes that the needs of individual contractors are unique, based on experience levels and environmental factors, a range of seminars is offered within each discipline to allow individual contractors to choose the seminars that best meet their needs.

Contractors may submit certificates of completion from any qualifying green industry seminar for CHP credit. A number of green industry organizations offer online seminars as well as seminars offered at the numerous trade shows held nationwide.

Now is an excellent time to enroll in the green industry seminars of your choice. Participants in the IAHP CHP online seminars need not be certification candidates. All green industry contractors are welcome. CHP seminars are presented live and are interactive. Each seminar is limited to 25 participants and a facilitator. Facilitators are industry experts, university professors and experts in specific disciplines.

Most seminars are presented Monday through Thursday evenings to be convenient for contractors. CHP seminars include both audio and video. Participants have the ability to ask questions and to discuss concepts, techniques and ideas. As a participant, you will be able to interact with contractors in your region or nationwide. Seminar schedules are printed in the Nov/Dec and Jan/Feb issues of Soil Erosion & Hydro seeding. IAHP members and those on the mailing list will receive email notification. Join the IAHP and stay informed of all we have to offer!

IAHP Certified Hydroseeding Professionals

First Name Last Name Company State
Aaron Peterson Jade Blade Hydroseed AB/CAN
Troy Bacon A1 Affordable Hydroseed CO
David Bailey All Seasons Landscaping CT
Jeff Moore The Lawn Moores IL
Tyler Alexander Quality Landscape Contractors LLC OH
Kevin Huber Challenger Hydroseeding KS
Alexander Szigedi NC Hydroseeding NC
Steve Rodgers Eco Express LLC NC
Steven Davidson Earth Groomers Inc NJ
Gerald Spinner JKS Enterprise NY
Tate Ray Ray Landscaping Services Inc OH
Kevin Smith Always Green Hydroseeding RI
Wally Butman Profile Products IL
Norman Gray Transit Seeding MA
Ray Badger Turbo Technologies PA
Ed Dugan Northeast Bowie Sales NJ
Chris Thompson Maritime Hydroseed NB, CAN
Chris Beaudry Pro-Turf MA, NH