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Measuring a HydroSeeding Job

Measuring a HydroSeeding JobMost hydro seeding jobs are priced by the amount of area to be seeded. Often it is necessary to determine the size of the area being seeded either in square feet, square yards or acres. A measuring wheel is a very handy tool when pricing hydro seeding jobs.

Often, particularly in residential jobs, the measurements can be computed using the formula to figure the area of a rectangle. That is Height x Width = Area. For example, in the first illustration, if you compute the width of the lot, 100', times the depth of the lot, 150', you have a total area of 15,000 square feet.(100 x 150=15,000) Then deduct the area taken up by the house and the drive way. The house is 35' x 50' or 1750 square feet (35 x 50=1750). The drive way is 20' wide by 50 foot long or 1000 square feet.(20 x 50 = 1000) From the total area of 15,000 square feet we deduct the area (1750 sq. ft.) we will not be seeding because it is taken up by the house (15,000 sq ft. - 1750 sq. ft = 13,250 sq. ft.). Measuring DrawingWe then deduct the area taken up by the driveway (13,250 sq. ft. - 1000 sq. ft. = 12,250 square feet. This is the amount we use to price the job.

Sometimes you will run into a more complicated layout. Often you can break this down into a series of rectangles, circles or triangles.

To figure the area of a triangular area the formula is to multiply the height times one half of the base measurement and this will give you the area.

To figure the area of a circle, the formula is: take the radius, and multiply that times the same number, and then multiply that times 3.14 (pi). For example let us say that we have a circular driveway that is 40' across. That 40' is called the diameter. Half of that amount (20' in this example) is called the radius. To figure the area of this circle we will take that 20' and multiply it times itself, or 20' x 20' = 400'. We then will take that number (400') and multiply that times 3.14 (400 x 3.14 = 1256 sq. ft.

Measuring DrawingThe area of the circular driveway is 1256 square feet.

Usually with hydro seeding a residential lawn or most any project there is enough room for error that being of a few square feet is not all that important.

If you need to figure the area in acres, one acre = 43,560 square feet. One acre = 4840 square yards. One acre = 4047 square meters.

Having a good measuring wheel can pay for itself many times over on a single job. If you want a great measuring wheel at a super price check out the special internet sales price we have listed in our classified ad's. Meter man makes the nicest wheels we have seen. They come with a lifetime guarantee and a kickstand.

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