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Looking for a doorway to lots of information, here is a list of portal sites serving the green industry. PBI Gordon's site has lots of helpful information about dealing with weeds with local information offers over 10,000 items oriented towards the golf course. Also has technical reference, weather and the 19th hole. Temporarily closed. Their sister site is still operating at this time. University site with lots of info on lawn care, new lawns, seeds and more. One of the most complete sites for information about seed. A helpful site with lots of gardening information. lots of info on caring for a lawn. Great info on weed control. lots of good info. This is a magazine portal site. interested in organic side of the industry. North County Organics is the place to start. lots more organic information. Very good site. search for all kinds of outdoor power equipment and farm equipment all over the country. 17,000 items available. has back issues of their magazine articles, a discussion board, online store, career center, business tools and newsletter. has a career center, past articles from Golf Course Management, continuing education and certification, links, scheduled on line chats. has info about erosion control, industry links, info about certification, local chapters, continuing education and more. locate plants from over 600 growers. Over 10,000 plants in hardiness zones 4 to 8 are updated monthly. classifieds, bulletin board, virtual trade show, database of chemicals, shrubs and trees. has the largest discussion board we have seen with many topics for green industry professionals. Check this one out. has a very good listing of manufacturers serving the green industry. provides business to business opportunities with no up front costs.

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