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Profile At Profile, we integrate people, products, technology and service to create satisfied customers. Helping customers achieve their goals is our key to success. We build relationships in the green industry based on trust and respect, and strive to exceed customer expectations of quality, service and product performance
HydroStraw HydroStraw hydro seeding mulch is an innovative new mulch product made right here in the USA. Our specially formulated composition of annually renewable organic fibers has many benefits
E J Prescott E J Prescott for all your water, sewer, and drain projects we can get you what you need, when you need it. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products from the best vendors in the industry.
No job is too big or too small.
IECS With over 20 years of experience in the soil erosion control business, International Erosion Control System has become one of the leading companies in the soil erosion industry. International Erosion Control Systems is conducting business in Canada, United States and many other international countries through joint-venture partnerships.
Erosion Control The Erosion Control Network is the internet's largest community for erosion control and sediment control professionals.
SN International Solutions is a supplier of Quar Gum and Psyllium ( plantago ovata ) as well as Castor Oil. They offer on-time delivery, the best prices, highest quality and personalized service.
Verdyol Biotic Earth Change the way you look at establishing vegetation with your hydroseeder. Biotic Earth provides an organic approach to building soil fertility and can reduce the need to haul in topsoil.
American Excelsior Co American Excelsior Companies, Earth Science divison manufactuers a wide variety of erosion control and sediment control products designed to reduce soil erosion and sediment run off during constructon.
Wayne Wholesale Fertilizer Wayne Wholesale Fertilizer Company is a wholesale supplier of fertilizer to the landscape, hydroseeding and agricultural industry. They are located in Wayne New Jersey. For more information please call Ed Slaska at 973-628-7375
Finn Corp
FINN’s complete line of consumables is designed specifically for FINN HydroSeeders® and their applications. The recently introduced FINN Tackifier and FINN Tackplus provide the optimum in hydroseeding solutions, and the newly improved FINN TRU-Mulch provides consistency and reliability. Achieve superior results while getting the most from your FINN HydroSeeder® with FINN consumables and hydromulches.
EcoSorb The Oasis line of products are high performance erosion control systems designed for residential, industrial, commercial or DOT projects. Oasis Fiber Mulch is manufactured using the highest grades of raw materials for premium quality mulch that is pure and free of contaminants that can clog equipment. Oasis Tackifier is a liquid emulsion superior to guar and other tackifiers due to its superior bonding and rain resistance.  We stand by our products and take pride in our customer service
Central Fiber Central Fiber is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic mulches with a complete line of products to meet your erosion and vegitative establishment needs.
Terra Nova Terra Novo is dedicated to helping the Storm Water and Erosion Control industry comply with strict Federal Clean Water Regulations. We provide cost-effective Best Management Practice solutions that more and more erosion control and storm water specialists are turning to.
Perma Matrix PermaMatrix is an organic biotic soil amendment that replaces the biological function needed for the establishment of vegetation to disturbed or depleted soils at 1/5th the cost of traditional topsoil/compost. It can be effectively applied with a hydro seeder
Tensar NA green Logo Founded in 1985, Tensar North American Green has become the industry’s leading provider of performance-guaranteed erosion control solutions. Our hydraulic erosion control products (HECPs) are ideal for controlling erosion and establishing vegetation on moderate to extreme slopes. Additionally, our complete line of erosion and sediment control products includes short-term, extended-term, long-term photodegradable and 100% all-natural erosion control blankets, as well as sediment control filtration and permanent turf reinforcement mats.
LSC Enviromental LSC is a global manufacturer of premiere products and equipment designed to address the persistent environmental challenges of erosion, odor, land reclamation, waste cover, seeding, and dust.  Our seeding product Posi-Cube®’s unique blend of mineral binders and wood fibers creates the perfect micro-environment for enhanced seed hydration, accelerated root establishment, and high-end erosion protection.
Patton Seed Logo

The beginnings of Patten Seed Company were started by Robert L. Patten, a school teacher, who opened a general store in Lakeland, GA, circa 1893. Patten Seed supplies We continue the seed innovation legacy with the development of TifBlair™ Centipede and Zenith® Zoysia. Zenith, introduced in 1990, is the only Zoysia available as both sod and seed. - See more at:


Plant Marvel Logo Established in 1922, Plant Marvel Laboratories pioneered and popularized the use of water soluble fertilizers.  We introduced our original 12-31-14 General Purpose Hi Phosphate formulation over 90 years ago helping to fuel the growth of soilless growing and hydroponics.  Some years later we found a way to incorporate soluble forms of minor and trace elements into our expanding line of soluble N-P-K fertilizers.  This became the first commercial fertilizer to deliver a total nutrient feed to crops without fear of burning and with unparalleled ease of application. Visit our web site at 
BFG Supply Logo

BFG Supply Co. was founded in 1972 by John Gander after seeing the need for a horticultural distributor in the Great Lakes region. Starting small, business was managed out of a local barn, distributing to area greenhouse growers. Staffing with friends and family, the business began to grow. Soon a warehouse was built and additional employees added. Gradually expanding and developing new territories, BFG became a well-known and respected business.  

Today, with seven (7) locations and servicing 23 states, BFG Supply Co. is the best it has ever been.

Applegate Logo

Applegate® has been working hard for over 30 years. In those 30+ years Applegate® has never faltered in striving for excellence. And that quest for excellence has resulted in producing nine of the world’s finest hydro-seeding mulches and a full line of hydro-seeding consumables ranging from tactifiers to straw blankets.

Starting in one small facility in Okemos, Michigan in 1978, Applegate® has today grown to have the most mulch producing facilities in the world, drawing from seven plants sprawling across America. 

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